Employment and unemployment in Italy: measurement issues and behavioural analyses


Research Project supported by the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research, 1999

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From a general perspective, the research programme aims at bringing together: (i) substantive issues about the analysis of the Italian labour market; (ii) methodological issues on the measurement of labour phenomena, both on the side of variables measuring and on the side of model specification and estimation; (iii) issues of utilisation and/or development of micro-data bases, both from surveys and administrative sources.
The programme focuses on some five broad topics, largely related one to another: (a) analysis of job mobility, wage mobility and flexibility, based on a longitudinal employer-employee linked database from Social Security files; (b) information on labour force participation from Labour Exchange archives (NETLABOR); (c) measurement and modelling of employment and unemployment from surveys; (d) combining/linking data from complementary sources; (e) analysis of some weak segments of the labour market. The primary interest is on the Italian labour market, but some comparative analyses extended to EU countries and the USA are also planned.
The programme rests on the availability of suitable micro databases, among which: (i) a linked-employer-employee longitudinal sample from Social Security files, 1986-1994, to be up-dated up to 1998; (ii) the full longitudinal set of Social Security files with reference to a couple of 'provincie' in the Veneto region, 1974-1996, , to be up-dated up to 1998; (iii) Labour exchanges archives from some areas in the Veneto region, 1996-1998, up-dated in real time; (iv) several sub-samples over the years and across the country from the Labour Supply Survey; (v) data from a pilot supplementary survey to the Labour Force Survey, collecting information on participation at work by a 'time use' approach (likely availability: early 2000); (vi) linked Labour Force Survey-Social Security files records in selected areas of the country, 1997.I-1998.II (likely availability: early 2000); (vii) Household Budgets Survey by the Bank of Italy, 1989-1995; (viii) 'From school to work' survey, Lombardy, on four cohorts of students attaining the compulsory level between 1986 and 1995; (ix) European Community Household Panel (ECHP) database.
We plan to devote considerable attention to measurement issues, which arise within the context of both the measurement of variables, within the various data sources and by the various instruments, and model specification and estimation, possibly modelling jointly the process of interest and the process of observation.
Broadly speaking, the expected outcomes from the programme are two: (i) improving the description and the understanding of how the Italian labour market changed over the recent years; (ii) improving the measurement and the modelling devices needed for the analysis of employment and unemployment.



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