Dynamics and inertia in the Italian labour market and policy evaluation (databases, measurement issues, substantive analyses)


Research Project supported by the Italian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, 2001

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The distinctive trait of the programme is to join:

  1. substantive issues of the dynamics of the Italian labour market, as emerging from gross flows and micro analyses, and the evaluation, within that context, of selected labour market programmes;
  2. methodological issues regarding measurement and modelling of those phenomena
  3. issues of utilization and development of micro-data bases, both from surveys and administrative sources. It focuses on the Italian labour market.

The programme focuses on four main, interrelated topics:

  1. the measurement of labour market attachment and mobility;
  2. the dynamics of patterns of work;
  3. dynamic relationships between living conditions and work participation;
  4. evaluation of selected labour market programmes.

The programme relies on the availability of suitable micro databases, among which:

  1. a linked-employer-employee longitudinal sample from Social Security (SS), 1985-1996, whose coverage we plan to extend and up-date;
  2. a full longitudinal set of SS files for a few provinces of the Veneto region, 1974-1997, to be extended to the self-employed;
  3. a "Netlabor" archive for the Veneto region, 1995-2000, resulting from the integration of the Labour exchanges archive;
  4. several samples taken from the Italian Labour Force Survey (ILFS);
  5. cross-sectional and panel databases from the Household Budgets Survey by the Bank of Italy, (BIHS), 1989-1995;
  6. the European Community Household Panel (ECHP) database;
  7. a database resulting from the linkage, at the micro level, of ILFS and SS data for some provinces, 1997.I-1998.II, still to be completed and edited;
  8. as for the exercises of policy evaluation, several "ad hoc" databases on the subjects treated.

These databases will be developed and edited. Pilot-studies will integrate different databases. We are also planning a careful analysis of measurement issues, which arise in the context of both measurement of variables, within the various data sources and by the various instruments, and model specification and estimation (possibly by modelling both the process of interest and the process of observation).

The programme should yield two results:

  1. improve our knowledge of mobility and micro-dynamics of the Italian labour market, and assess the impact - within that context - of selected labour market programmes;
  2. improve the measurement and modelling devices needed to analyse employment and unemployment.





Info: anna.giraldo@unipd.it