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Research Project supported by the Italian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, 2005

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Final Workshop

Research Project Supported by

Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research





Dynamics and inertia

in the Italian

labour market


April 15-17, 2004

Venice International University

S. Servolo, Venice

Thursday, April 15                                                                                    Afternoon



Session I

Chairman: Ugo Trivellato

Stephen JONES (McMaster University), Craig Riddell (University of British Columbia)

Unemployment and Nonemployment: Heterogeneities in Labour Market States [PDF 1.190k]

Discussant: Paolo Verme (Univ. of Torino)

Piero Cipollone, Andrea Brandolini, Eliana Viviano (Bank of Italy)

Does the ILO definition capture all unemployment? [PDF 261k]

Discussant: Stephen Jones (McMaster University)

Adriano PAGGIARO (University of Padova)

Dynamics of unemployment duration in Italy, 1989-2003

Discussant: Roberto Leombruni (LABORatorio, Torino)

Bruno Anastasia, Maurizio Gambuzza, Danilo MAURIZIO, Maurizio Rasera (Veneto Lavoro)

The number of non EC workers and its temporal pattern: an estimate for Veneto from an administrative archive

Discussant: Adriano Paggiaro (Univ. of Padova)


Friday, April 16                                                                                            Morning



Session II

Chairman: Giuseppe Tattara

Gary Fields (Cornell University), Moshe Buchinsky,Denis Fougère, Francis KRAMARZ (CREST-INSEE)

Francs or ranks? Earnings mobility in France, 1967-1999  [PDF 1.265k]

Discussant: Piero Cipollone (Bank of Italy)

Francesco Devicienti, Agata MAIDA (LABORatorio, Torino), Paolo Sestito (Ministry of Welfare)

Nominal and real wage rigidity: an assessment using Italian microdata [PDF 1.525k]

Discussant: Sergio Destefanis (Univ. of Salerno)

Bruno CONTINI (LABORatorio, Torino), Claudia Villosio (R&P, Torino)

Wage dynamics and labor mobility [PDF 985k]

Discussant: Federico Biagi (Univ. of Padova)

Anna Giraldo, Enrico RETTORE, Ugo Trivellato (University of Padova)

Testing for true state dependence in poverty/non poverty sequences [PDF 145k]

Discussant: Francis Kramarz (CREST-INSEE)


Friday, April 16                                                                                         Afternoon



Session III

Chairman: Bruno Contini

Roberto LEOMBRUNI, Roberto Quaranta, Isabella Locatelli (LABORatorio, Torino)

The mobility of Italian employees: new evidence on the period 1987-1999

Discussant: Andrea Ichino (European University Institute)

Giuseppe TATTARA, Marco Valentini (University of Venice)

Labour churning and intra-employment flows. Long-term dynamics in Veneto [PDF 929k]

Discussant: Michele Pellizzari (London School of Economics)

Paolo Baretta, Ugo TRIVELLATO (University of Padova), Roberto Leombruni (LABORatorio, Torino), Simona Rosati (Istat)

Worker mobility from social security registers and household surveys: a comparative assessment and updated analyses [PDF 211k]

Discussant: Antonio Discenza (Istat)

Roberto LEOMBRUNI (LABORatorio, Torino)

The transition to retirement of old workers

Discussant: Tito Boeri (Bocconi University)


Saturday, April 17                                                                                        Morning



Session IV

Chairman: Enrico Rettore

Fabio BERTON, Lia Pacelli (LABORatorio, Torino), Giovanna Segre (CERP, Torino)

Co.Co.Co. workers: a case of non typical labour contracts in Italy. A population at risk? [PDF 282k]

Discussant: Giuseppe Tattara (Univ. of Venezia)

Andrea ICHINO, Tommaso Nannicini (European University Institute, Firenze), Fabrizia Mealli (University of Firenze)

Temporary Work Agencies in Italy: A Springboard Toward Permanent Employment? [PDF 207k]

Discussant: Ugo Trivellato (Univ. od Padova)

Michele PELLIZZARI (London School of Economics)

Do friends and relatives really help in getting a good job? [PDF 785k]

Discussant: Matteo Richiardi (LABORatorio Torino)

Tito BOERI (Bocconi University), Juan Jimeno (Universidad de Alcala', Madrid)

The Effects of Employment Protection: Learning from Variable Enforcement [PDF 446k]

Discussant: Alberto Martini (PROVA, Torino)



Dynamics and inertia

in the Italian labour market


Organized by

Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche, Università di Padova

in cooperation with

Venice International University

and supported by

Università di Padova 



Research units and directors


                                       Project leader                                                            Ugo Trivellato


                                      Università di Padova                                                   Ugo Trivellato

                                      Università del Piemonte Orientale                                Alberto Martini

                                      Università di Siena                                                     Achille Lemmi

                                      Università di Torino                                                    Bruno Contini

                                      Università “Ca’ Foscari” di Venezia                             Giuseppe Tattara


Organizing Committee


 Enrico Rettore

 Anna Giraldo

 Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche

 Università di Padova

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