La valutazione dell'impatto di interventi pubblici: metodi e studi di caso


Cofinanziamento MIUR 2005

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The Evaluation of Labour Market, Welfare and Firms Incentives Programmes



 May 11th - 13th 2006, Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti - Venezia




               How to get to the workshop




    May 11th 
    Registration and opening                                                           13:30 – 14:30
S. Bordignon, Head of the Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Padova
U. Trivellato, University of Padova, CESifo and IVSLA, Chairman of the Programme Committee
    Session 1: Labour Market Programmes I                                    14:30 – 18:30
Chair: U. Trivellato

R.K. Crump, V.J. Hotz, G.W. Imbens, O. A. Mitnik

Nonparametric tests for treatment effect heterogeneity [PDF 397 k] and [PDF 229 k]

Discussant: E. Rettore  
F. Devicienti, A. Maida, L. Pacelli 
The Italian wage curve resurrected after the 1993 labor market reforms [PDF 105 k]
Discussant: L. Nunziata
coffee break
L. Larsson, L. Lindqvist, O. Nordström Skans  
Stepping-stones or dead-ends? An analysis of Swedish replacement contracts [PDF 222 k]
Discussant: P. Sestito
Poster session/PC demonstration on public use databases:

CLAP (Ministero del Lavoro): S. Pirrone [PDF 469 k, PDF 82]

Giove (Veneto Lavoro): M. Disarò, D. Maurizio [PDF 64 k], [extended version in Italian: PDF 363 k]

VWH (University of Venezia): M. Valentini [PDF 105 k], [extended version in Italian: PDF 43 k ]

WHIP (LABORatorio Revelli): R. Leombruni, R. Quaranta [PDF 83 k]
    May 12th
    Session 2: Firms Incentives Programmes                                       9:00 – 12:30
Chair: B. Contini
S. Bonhomme, J.M. Robin
Using high-order moments to estimate linear independent factor models [PDF 590 k]
Discussant: E. Battistin
S.P. Destefanis, G. Storti
Evaluating business incentives through DEA. An analysis on Capitalia firm data [PDF 168 k]
Discussant: E. Santarelli

coffee break


G. Pellegrini, M. Centra

Growth and efficiency in subsidized firms [PDF 264 k]

Discussant: A. Sembenelli
D. Bondonio, R. Greenbaum
Do business investment incentives promote employment in declining areas? Evidence from EU 
Objective 2 regions [PDF 202 k]

Discussant: A. Paggiaro



    Session 3: Labour Market Programmes II                                       14:00 – 17:30
Chair: S. Destefanis
R. Leombruni,  M. Richiardi
The long term impact of a decade of pension reforms in Italy: A microsimulation study
Discussant: F. R. Fǿrsund

A. Martini, L. Mo Costabella, A. Paggiaro, E. Rettore, U. Trivellato

What do we learn from two evaluation studies of an Italian programme for dismissed

workers? [PDF 278 k]

Discussant: G. Brunello

coffee break


G. Tattara, M. Valentini

A successful entrance contract for the youngs? Revisiting the Italian training on the job

contract [PDF 257 k]

 Discussant: B. Sianesi

J. Adda, M. Costa Dias, C. Meghir, B. Sianesi
Evaluating dynamic treatments: The Swedish active labour market programmes [PDF 262 k]

Discussant: A. Giraldo

    May 13th
    Session 4: Welfare Programmes                                                    9:00 – 12:40
Chair: E. Rettore

R. Hancock, S. Pudney, F. Zantomio

Estimating the impact of a policy reform on welfare participation: The 2001 extension to the Minimum Income Guarantee for UK pensioners [PDF 287 k]

Discussant: M. Richiardi

F. Billari, G. Dalla Zuanna, M. Loghi

Assessing the impact of family-friendly monetary transfers in a lowest-low fertility setting

[PDF 74 k]

Discussant: M. Pellizzari

coffee break

D. Contini, N. Negri 
Would declining exit rates from welfare provide evidence of welfare dependence in homogeneous
environments? [PDF 286 k]

Discussant: E. Del Bono


M. Fort

Education and the timing of births: evidence from a natural experiment in Italy [PDF 348 k]

Discussant: F. Mealli






    Chairs, speakers, discussants and databases presenters
    Erich Battistin, University of Padova, IFS
    Francesco Billari, University Bocconi, Milano
    Daniele Bondonio, University of Piemonte Orientale
    Giorgio Brunello, University of Padova
    Bruno Contini, University of Torino
    Dalit Contini, University of Torino
    Monica Costa Dias, IFS
    Emilia Del Bono, ISER
    Sergio Pietro Destefanis, University of Salerno
    Massimo Disarò, Veneto Lavoro
    Finn R. Fǿrsund, University of Oslo
    Margherita Fort, University of Padova
    Anna Giraldo, University of Padova
    V. Joseph Hotz, UCLA
    Roberto Leombruni, LABORatorio R. Revelli

Alberto Martini, University of Piemonte Orientale

    Danilo Maurizio, Veneto Lavoro
    Fabrizia Mealli, University of Firenze
    Oskar Nordström Skans, IFAU
    Luca Nunziata, University of Padova
    Lia Pacelli, University of Torino
    Adriano Paggiaro, University of Padova
    Guido Pellegrini, University of Bologna
    Michele Pellizzari, University Bocconi, Milano
    Salvatore Pirrone, Ministero del Lavoro
    Steve Pudney, ISER
    Roberto Quaranta, LABORatorio R. Revelli
    Enrico Rettore, University of Padova
    Matteo Richiardi, LABORatorio R. Revelli
    Jean-Marc Robin, Université de Paris 1, UCLA
    Enrico Santarelli, University of Bologna
    Alessandro Sembenelli, University of Torino
    Paolo Sestito, Ministero del Lavoro
    Barbara Sianesi, IFS
    Ugo Trivellato, University of Padova, CESifo and ISVLA
    Marco Valentini, University of Venezia
    Final Workshop of the Research Group "Metodi e studi di valutazione degli effetti di politiche del lavoro, di aiuto alle imprese e di welfare"



The Workshop is the final meeting of the research project “Evaluating the effects of labour policies, incentives to firms and welfare policies: Methodological issues and case studies”, run by research units from six Italian Universities (Padova, Piemonte Orientale, Salerno, Siena, Torino and Venezia Ca’ Foscari) and supported by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research under the programme prin 2003. The research programme is still ongoing, supported by prin 2005 over the next two years. Purpose of the Workshop is to provide a forum for presentation and in-depth discussion of results, as well as contributions from well-known scholars from other countries. Besides, public use databases on work histories for Italy, crucial for the analysis of labour market dynamics and the evaluation of public policies, will be presented.


Project leader:   Ugo Trivellato

    Research units:    Università di Padova  -  Ugo Trivellato
        Università del Piemonte Orientale  -  Alberto Martini
        Università di Salerno  -  Sergio Destefanis
        Università di Siena  -  Achille Lemmi
        Università di Torino  -  Bruno Contini
        Università “Ca’ Foscari” di Venezia  -  Giuseppe Tattara
    Programme Committee

Ugo Trivellato, University of Padova, CESifo and ISVLA - Chair

    Erich Battistin, University of Padova, IFS
    Anna Giraldo, University of Padova
    Enrico Rettore, University of Padova
    Organizing Secretariat
    Patrizia Piacentini

phone: +39 049-8274167

    fax:      +39 049-8274170

Sessions Schedule


For each paper:

        25’       Presentation
        10’       Discussant
        10’       Floor discussion and rejoinder

Official language is English.


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Università degli Studi di Padova


Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali


Società Italiana di Statistica

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